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Why Carpusoft IVF?

Real time data analytics Real time data analysis

Carpusoft IVF contains a powerful data analytic module which allows you to compare and match data on IVF procedures done in your clinic as to find the most successful parameters which will increase the chance of successful IVF pregnancy.

Patient management Patient management

Carpusoft IVF centralizes your patients’ data, keeps track of appointments, and  assures that all members of your team have the right information at the right time.

Reports Automatized reports

With a built-in reporting module, Carpusoft IVF saves your time and money by generating variety of necessary reports with just one click.

Feature list

Carpusoft IVF


  • Patient information
    • General data
    • Medical history
    • Social history
    • Family history
    • Preliminary tests
  • Automatic discharge letter generation


  • Stimulation table
  • Ultrasound measurements
  • Oocyte extraction


  • Andrology
  • Oocyte and embryo development tracking
  • Embryo transfer
  • Cryopreservation
  • Oocyte and embryo catalog

Data analysis

  • Data filtering by large number of criteria
  • Visual and tabular data representation
  • Statistical data export

What our clients say about
Carpusoft IVF

"Carpusoft IVF has had a great impact on improving the organization of assisted human reproduction in our clinic. The greatest advantage is the notable time saving per each procedure that this application enables."
Prof. Krunoslav Kuna, MD, PhD, gynecologist
"The organized and detailed view of the patient’s previous procedures and the possibility of analyzing all the conducted procedures in the clinic by various criteria have resulted in significant progress in our quality control."
Ivan Bolanča, MD, gynecologist
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About us

Carpusoft d.o.o. is a company from Croatia. Our team of software and IVF experts is dedicated to creating innovations in Assisted Reproductive Technology. The flagship product Carpusoft IVF, featured on this website, is a major advancement to the work of every IVF clinic. By data gathering, processing and analyzing as well as patient and process managing thought our software, clinics get a useful tool for optimizing IVF processes thus improving their success.


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